Another PCOS & Endo Operation

Last weekend, for the June Bank Holiday weekend, I was supposed to be flying to Lisbon to explore the gorgeous city and celebrate my friend Melodie’s birthday. Instead, I ended up having an emergency operation for my PCOS & Endo. Just my luck, eh? You might have seen that I shared a photo on my […]

a letter to my younger self

A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear 16 year old Sarah Jane, In this letter, I am not going to talk about what is to come in life, because although you love to plan, you like the element of surprise and going with the flow. This letter is to give you some advice; advice I wish you could have heard sooner. […]

The Return of Pink Hair

The Return of Pink Hair

Guess what’s back?! The return of pink hair has happened!!! Yesterday, I finally went back to my signature hair colour and I have never felt more like myself. Ok, so how and why did this happen? Well, a hairdresser I know asked would I be interested in being a hair model for Kevin Murphy to […]

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