My weekend in Amsterdam

My weekend in Amsterdam

For the May Bank holiday weekend, I hopped on a plane and headed to Amsterdam for the weekend to visit my friend Melodie. It was my first time in Amsterdam and I fell in love with the city within a few hours of being there. Melodie is currently living and working in Amsterdam over a […]

Our holiday to Puerto Rico

So if you have been following my social media of late, you might have seen some pictures from our recent family holiday in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. It was our first family holiday in over 8 years and I was very much looking forward to some relaxing time with my parents. We went on […]

I’m moving to Spain and I’m a little anxious..

It’s has finally hit me.┬áIn less than 4 days, I’m moving to another country for 5 months. I’ve been kind of putting it to the back of my mind, only mentioning it to people when they ask and that’s it. I’ve been trying to avoid it in topic of conversation. But I haven’t been able […]

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