2017 Goals

I recently saw a blog post about October goals by my good friend Giana (check out her blog here!!) and it made me think about my 2017 goals list I made at the start of the year. I decided to share them on my blog and discuss how well I’m going on the goals… or maybe how I’m not! 

I must note, none of these are in any particular order and one or two have been removed for personal reasons and will not be shared on here! 

  • Go on a Family Holiday

DONE – We hadn’t been on a family holiday since December 2009/January 2010 when we went to Disneyland Florida for Christmas. I harped on to my Dad for ages about us needing to get away from Ireland to relax for a week and he eventually gave in to me (I always get to him eventually!). We went to Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria and we had a brilliant time. It was so nice to be in the sun and have no worries. What I would do to be back there beside the pool or beach having pints!

  • Go to Dublin Zoo

DONE – I hadn’t been to Dublin Zoo since my 5th Year school trip and that was over 7 years ago!! So when my gal Darina wanted to go on an adventure, I jumped at the chance to go to the Zoo! Just like you would expect from me, I was like a child at Christmas, especially when I saw the penguins!

  • Go on a road trip with the gals

NOT DONE – The gal pals and I had great plans to go on a road trip before we finished college but it never happened. It doesn’t look like we will get to do it this year either as Sarah is in Spain, Susan is studying for her FA1’s (Please tell me I got that right?!) and Laura, well she’s in Kerry. 

  • Visit Melo

NOT DONE – I really wanted to visit Melodie when in Germany during the summer but she was gone on a holiday to the other side of the world! Typical. She is now in Amsterdam and if I get the chance (and the money!), I could still mark this one off the list. If I get a job, it might have to be moved to 2018’s list

  • Make at least one YouTube video a month

DONE – If my sums are correct, I have made 25 videos this year so far! That’s almost 2 videos a month! Whoo! 

  • Write at least one blog post a month

DONE – I was quite shocked when I went to see how many blog post I had and saw I had 17 done for this year so far!

  • Buy URL for blog

DONE – On May 18th, I bought the domain for Sincerely Sarah Jane!

  • Graduate

DONE – On August 22nd, I graduated from University of Limerick with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in New Media and English with Second Class Honours Grade 1! I never thought that day would come and I’m still shocked I have a degree!

  • Get more piercings in ears

DONE – I got 5 new piercings and 2 old ones fixed this year. I actually got 5 done in one sitting too because I knew I wouldn’t go back again. Needles aren’t my favourite things…

  • Get a proper job

NOT DONE – I’m on the hunt for this one so it’s on going.

  • Reach 1000 followers on Instagram

NOT DONE – But I’m almost there! I currently have 958 followers, gaining over 400 this year! If you would like to follow my Instagram, it is @SarahJaneVlogs 😉

  • Get 100 more subscribers on YouTube to reach 200

NOT DONE – Once again, I am almost there. As of right now, I have 186. If you would like to subscribe to me, search Sarah Jane Vlogs and I should pop up! Or you could just click here.

  • Organise photo albums on Laptop

NOT DONE – I like to be organised with everything I do and own. Some would say I suffer with a bit of OCD and I sometimes agree. One thing that causes me to have panic attacks is how unorganised my laptop is and it is taking forever to clean up and sort through. I am slowly getting there but I say it might be 2018 before I am done.

  • Travel to at least two countries on my Bucket List

DONE – I went to Germany, England, Tenerife (Gran Canaria) and America this summer! Very successful summer of travelling. Now to plan some more…

  • Write more letters

KIND OF – I have been writing letters & making cards again but not as much as I would like. My problem is when I am writing to my penpals, I write manuscripts. I just want to tell them everything. I think if I start writing more often, the letters might get shorter. 

  • Start Shauna’s Happy Book she gave me

NOT DONE – I’m sorry Shauna! Shauna gave me this book called the happy book where you write down something positive or happy everyday. She filled out the first page of all these amazing things about me and I always say I am going to start it but never do. But from next Monday, that is going to change!

  • Read 20 books

NOT DONE – I think I have read 7 which is pathetic by my standards. I’ve around 13 weeks left to read 13 books. Can I do it? Mmm… Let’s see!

  • Start driving lessons again

NOT DONE – I started my driving lessons in July 2016 but due to my Polycystic Ovary, I stopped as I am finding it hard to sit up in a car (I know I HATE HAVING AN EXCUSE!). I will try practicing with Dad over the next few weeks and maybe start again.

  • Do driving test

NOT DONE – Well, if I haven’t been driving, I can hardly do the test lol!

  • Go to the Cliffs of Moher

NOT DONE – I went when I was quite young so I can’t remember them so I want to see them again. Even though I was so close to them while in UL, I never got the chance to go. I don’t think I will get to go in 2017 so I may move it to 2018’s list too.

  • Go to Giants Causeway

NOT DONE – I have never been and I really want to go so badly. I was planning on going this summer but the week I had planned on going, I already had too much on and physically, my body was telling me “no” so I didn’t go. Another one to add to the 2018 list.

  • Try print all photos I want to date

NOT DONE – This one is an impossible one as I TAKE TOO MANY PHOTOS! I am nowhere near done or where I want to be in regards to prints but I think I have almost all of this year’s done. Just need to go and do the last fecking 10 years now! I am so old fashioned but I love having physical copies of photos. What happens when the internet goes? At least I’ll have proper photos to show. Also, I love flipping through photo albums when I am sad or sick. 

Have you had any goals for this year? How did you get on with them?


Sarah Jane xo