2018 GOALS

Hello and Happy New Year. This is the time of the year that people make those silly resolutions that they fail within the first month of January and then give up for the rest of the year. I, however, make a list of goals that I aim to try and complete throughout the year. Here are my 2018 Goals.

*I should mention that they are in NO particular order*

  • Complete driving lessons

I started my driving lessons in summer 2016 and only completed 2 due to health reasons. I never got back around to doing them in 2017 either due to the same reason. I am hoping that this year will be the year (I have to renew my provisional first!) 

  • Do driving test

This links in with above goal so hopefully by the end of the I will have at least booked by driving test!

  • Visit Melodie in Amsterdam

Another one from last year’s goals but I am definitely going to make it happen this year. I miss her and I’ve never been to Amsterdam so it’s killing two birds with one stone!

  • See Wicked The Musical

Wicked The Musical is my favourite musical and it’s coming to Dublin this summer. I haven’t got tickets (yet!!) and I would love to see it before it leaves Dublin!

  • Go Jet Skiing

This just looks like so much fun and edrenalin fueling!!  

  • Go to Brighton

My friend Laura lives there and it is a lovely city. I rarely see Laura since she moved over so it would be nice to see where her new home is.

  • Visit Sarah in Madrid

When writing this one, I laughed because this will be the first thing I can mark off in 10 days hopefully! I was reunited with Sarah for a few hours a few days ago but it wasn’t enough. Madrid is NOT ready for this duo to be back together. All the dancing we are going to do on nights out – I am coming back 2 stone lighter 😉

  • Learn Sign Language

I have learnt a tiny bit of sign language over the years when I had no voice and to communicate with my cousin Hope but I’d love to learn more and be able to have a conversation in sign language. 

  • Do a First Aid Course

A lot of people think I have already done a First Aid course but in matter of fact, everything I know already is because of my parents. I would love to just have the proper training in case of any emergencies. 

  • Have afternoon tea in Durrow Castle

I’ve never had Afternoon Tea in Durrow Castle and I hear it’s fabulous so I really want to do it before the end of the year.

  • Read 25 books

Lol I aimed to read 20 books and failed. So I set myself an even bigger goal – great thinking Sarah Jane! I have been reading the same book now for 2 months and I’m still not finished. I have over 30 unread books on my shelf so I HAVE to start working my way through them!!

  • Move to Dublin  

This is more of a necessity for work commitments. I start an Internship in Dun Laoghaire and commuting from Laois is not possible so I need to move to Dublin which I have always wanted so hopefully I find somewhere soon!

  • Organise my memory boxes

I was talking to some of my extended family the other night about my memory boxes, about what I keep in them and they opened my eyes to the fact a lot of stuff in them are useless to keep. So I aim to clear out the non-important items and just keep what matters. Hoarder no more!!

  • Make a Blog & YouTube schedule and stick to it 

So last year, I wanted at least one blog post and one YouTube video a month and I succeed with that. This year, I want to bring even more content and continue to grow my platform. So, I am going to make a schedule of the content and when to share it. This is such a difficult thing to achieve and I know a lot of YouTubers/Bloggers struggle with this. 

  • Write more letters and send random postcards to friends

There is something about receiving a letter or postcard that is exciting!! I feel we all get lost behind technology and phones and forget that putting pen to paper is so much more personal.

  • Go to the Cliffs of Moher

I didn’t get to do this last year so I’ve added it to list in the hopes it might happen.

  • Go to the Giant’s Causeway

Same goes for this!! I didn’t get to go but hopefully this year.

  • Do a bottomless brunch 

I done a bottomless brunch in New York last year and it was so much fun! It has recently become a popular thing to do in Dublin and I really want to do it again!

  • Organise photo albums from college (at least!)

I love photos and I love printing them even more. My problem is I take FAR too many and forget to get them printed so I want to at least sort of the last 4 years of college into photo albums and maybe even look into sorting out my travel photo albums.

  • Get 2,000 followers on Instagram

I thought setting myself the goal of reaching 1,000 last year was crazy but I did it. So hopefully I could maybe reach 2,000 this year. 

  • Get 300 subscribers on YouTube

I reached 200 on the 30th of December 2017. If I could get 100 more subs and slowly build my viewers, I would be over the moon.

  • Meet up with friends more

I love meeting up with my friends so in 2018, I want to plan more friends’ dates. 

  • Go on another family holiday 

We went on our first family holiday in 7 years last year and we loved it. I’d love to go on another one this year… Maybe to the South of France?

  • Push yourself even more out of your comfort zone

With my anxiety, I tend to avoid situations that might make me feel uncomfortable. In 2017, I pushed myself to try new things and do things that I knew I would feel anxious about but done them anyway and I was so happy I did. I want to try and continue to do that. You should always try and push yourself to be a better version of yourself. 


Have you set any goals for 2018?

What are they? I’d love to hear them!

Sarah Jane x