I am a self-confessed book worm and this year, I have set myself a little goal to read 25 books. Here is my opinion on “The Moment of Lift”.


I truly enjoyed reading this book. I was recommended to read this book by my manager in work and I am so glad she did. Not only did Melinda Gates share an insight into her family life, she also shared over 20 years of authentic and hands on experience with her foundation work, discussing some gut wrenching moments of reality of many voiceless people in this world. This book made me think a lot and why we as humans need to empower each other, share our hope and stories, and help those who are helpless around the world, no matter how we can.


A girl who is given love and support can start to break the self-image that keeps her down. As she gains self-confidence, she sees she can learn. As she learns, she sees her own gifts. As she develops her gifts, she sees her own power; she can defend her own rights. That is what happens when you offer girls love, not hate. You lift their gaze. They gain their voice.


I give the book 5/5. I adore this book because it isn’t just an average book; it’s a book about awakening, about change. Both men and women need to read this and add it to their collection.

Where to buy?

You can buy the book here.