Channing Tatum hitting Dublin this Friday!

If you are an Irish female and are unaware of this appearance, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING?

Incase you’ve mysteriously forgotten what he looks like (okay who actually could forget this gorgeous man?!), I’ll just leave this photo here for your pleasure 😉


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The beautiful Channing Tatum will be gracing our shores this Friday afternoon alongside Jonah Hill for the press release for their new movie ’22 Jump Street’, sequel to 21 Jump Street. The duo were initially said to be appearing at Trinity College’s Philosophical Society to receive Bram Stoker Medals for their contribution to the entertainment industry. Sony Pictures Ireland later announced that Channing and Jonah will be at Screen Cinema, Dublin 2, at 3pm on Friday and will greet fans. 


Image from Sony Pictures Ireland

Below is the trailer for the movie and again, the movie is another excuse to look at Channing for a whole 90 minutes so who’s gonna complain? [youtube]

So I shall see you on in Dublin on Friday at 3pm ladies? Thought so 😛