The top I’m wearing in the featured image says “I Have A Choice”. Ironically, in Ireland at the moment, I currently don’t have the choice when it comes to my body and the certain decisions that I might want to make when it comes to my ovaries. Yes, I am talking about the Eighth Amendment. It is time to Repeal the 8th.

I am very proud to be PRO-CHOICE. 

The Repeal the Eighth campaign has been one of the most prominent political campaigns, if not the most prominent in Ireland over the last few years.

It affects every Irish woman.

As of right now, the Eighth Amendment states that the life of a pregnant woman and the life of a foetus are equal, meaning that, in the eyes of the state, a woman is equal to an embryo. I cannot fathom how a foetus basically has the same rights to a woman? Can it vote? Can it drive? Can it drink? Can it pay a mortgage? Can it pay taxes? No. Therefore, how has it got the same rights as I have? Eh? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

The Eighth Amendment is denying a basic human right for a woman. A woman does not have a right to choose what she does with her own body, 

Currently in Ireland, an abortion is a criminal offence and can land a woman in prison. How ridiculous is that? It is seen as a basic healthcare right yet us Irish women are denied it. 

It is time we make a change. 

Irish women should have the right to choice when it comes to their body. 

Abortion is a PERSONAL decision, it shouldn’t be a governmental and legal decision.

No state or church should have the power over a WOMAN’s body.

Each day, 10-12 financially-able women travel to the UK to have safe abortion services there because they’re unable to have them here in Ireland. But the option to travel is not available to everyone. Not all women can afford to hop on a plane to avail of those services. Not all women have access to travelling, be it due to illness or disability or any other reason. This then leads to unsafe abortions and some women carrying out the pregnancies that they do not want, which then leads to many other issues such as mental health issues etc. Ireland already has a shockingly high rate of suicides in Ireland and an ever growing rate of mental health issues. Disallowing women the right to access safe abortions is just going to lead to increasing those rates.

There is many reasons why women have abortions, ranging from crisis pregnancies to physical/mental health issues to problems with the fetus. Would you make a woman carry a fetus to full term even though she was told at 3 months that the baby was dead? Or that it will die once born? Would you make her endure that extra unnecessary pain? The reasons a woman seeks out abortion services are nobody’s business but the woman herself. Abortions are always going to happen. It’s just time to make them safer and more accessible for Irish Women. It’s time to give the woman a choice with what they do with their bodies.

You don’t have to like the idea of abortion. In fact, I’m personally not a big fan of the idea. Being PRO-CHOICE does not make you PRO-ABORTION. You can not disrespect a woman for having an abortion or wanting to have an abortion. IT IS HER CHOICE. Why take that choice away from a woman? As a fellow human being, you have to respect other people’s decisions and right’s and that should include that women should have the right to safe abortions in Ireland. If I was in the position that abortion is an option, well, I would want the choice.

Repealing the Eighth Amendment is about allowing women to access the proper health care and aftercare after the medical procedure. It’s about providing the proper support systems for women in Ireland that they can access rather than being forced to possibly suffer, both mentally and physically, in silence. 

We need to break the stigma around the issue. We need to demolish the idea that this is shameful and has to be kept secret.

It’s time for change. We need to have the choice. It’s time for Ireland to TRUST and RESPECT women.REPEAL THE 8TH

Please inform yourself ahead of this referendum and give Irish Women the right to own their bodies again.

In order to vote for the referendum, you must be registered to vote. If you’re not sure if you’re registered, you can check if you are by going on or by visiting any Local Authority office, Garda station, Post office or library in the country or you can also ring your local council. 

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It’s time more of us spoke up and voiced our opinions. It’s time to make history. 

Sarah Jane