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My Story with PCOS and Endometriosis

For almost 3 years now, I have been suffering with two conditions, which are sometimes debilitating. One minute, I’m fine going about my daily routine and getting on with my life. Next minute, I am curled up in the fetus position as the pain increases. Many people close to me know about my pain and […]

Get To Know Me

I realised I have never done a Get To Know me style post on here, only on my YouTube channel, which horrified me! So today, I have picked 40 random questions to let you know a bit about me! GET TO KNOW ME What are you wearing? Currently, I am wearing unicorn pj’s that my […]

The Return of Pink Hair

The Return of Pink Hair

Guess what’s back?! The return of pink hair has happened!!! Yesterday, I finally went back to my signature hair colour and I have never felt more like myself. Ok, so how and why did this happen? Well, a hairdresser I know asked would I be interested in being a hair model for Kevin Murphy to […]

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